Voice + Alexander Technique

Music Philosophy:

Studying voice helps improve your sense of self and open that special expression to others. Joni helps you discover and deepen your authentic creative vibration through traditional and nontraditional music education and methods. She holds space for your intentions plus invites you tap into your confidence, whole-self presence and awareness, listening attention, and creative consciousness.

She helps you strengthen your instrument through playful exercises, academic activities and repertoire that interests you. Your time together is constructive while exploring many ideas that music offers. Her aim is to guide you to a free and sustainable sound that can be understood on a simple and clear level.

Joni also teaches Alexander Technique teacher in and outside of music lessons. The Technique is the study of motor control and manner of reaction and is a fantastic sub-skill for music and the arts. The overall framework for the technique is to unlearn harmful habits and retrain specific muscle patterns that are associated with stress. The gentle manual guidance that she provides essentially helps bring your alignment into a different state that better sets up muscle use, respiration and vocalization. And you eventually learn to bring these changes about yourself.

In vocalizing or playing any instrument, the challenge is knowing how much and what kind of work it takes to get a desired sound. A developing skill in the technique sets you up for a more conscious process through any activity of life so that you can have a healthy, happy experience with alertness and awareness in freedom.

The practical skills you learn help aid efficient movement and avoid injury during practice without overriding music time. She highly suggests students take some form of Alexander Technique instruction while studying with her and guides you through 15 minutes of work in with your weekly music lesson. She also offers a full complimentary lesson to first lay down the foundation.